• ~Riding the Cosmic Waves~

    ~Riding the Cosmic Waves~

    WOW, this has been quite the journey! Thanks Drew O'Donnell for hammering out the audio mix, just as we inched to the approaching TFF deadline. Thank you to Aberto for your color correction, which will be posted soon; and thank you to the folks at Valley Oak Credit Union, who in addition to granting me a small loan to help bring the production together, also just awarded us in their "My Valley Oaks Roots" photo/video contest, with a cash card award that we were able to turn around and pay for the Vimeo Pro upgrade we needed to upload a 9GB project.

    Life is a constant shifting of an obsolete paradigm, while trying to balance the illusion, with absolute truth; becomes an internal cognitive dissonace, with shadows so dark, it blinds you from the eternal flame within. 

    Still have issues to fix, but we delived!!!

    We just submitted to the fabulously forward thinking Telluride Film Festival:        http://www.telluridefilmfestival.org

    I have felt my dad's input, throughout this entire process, especially when I was editing. Considering the computer and FCPX program were new to me (don't get me started on Resolve....uggggg), I had edit solutions that would just appear, all adjusted, without me having done more that hit a key by accident.

    Thanks Dad!

    photo: via Jon Morrison