Private Screening Fundraiser for the Animals Actors of Pixie's Place Animal Sanctuary

The Animal Actors from This is not dying, are in need of support.

With the sudden departure of my partner, I must raise the money to keep them fed or I will have to attempt to find homes for some of them, while others will need to be euthanize as most are not adoptable due to their chronic health issues, and are in need of constant care.

Pixie's Place at OrangeRay Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit, Animal Sanctuary and Hospice.

To Watch "This is not dying" and support the Animals of Pixie's Place, please donate at least $5.00 and provide a GMAIL EMAIL ADDRESS to recieve the private viewing link. I have left the donation field open so if anyone feels compelled to donate more, we are most appreciative xo

 Link to film will be emailed to your gmail immediately upon reciept and you will have access for one week. 

If you do not have a gmail email address, then just provide your email and you will be sent a Vimeo link and password.

 Thank You For Supporting Indie Art and Animal Welfare!


From OrangeRay Creative Lab, an Experimental Film by W. Morrison.

A music driven, shamanic journey of three friends on a road trip, who go further than they would have ever imagined.

NOTE: This film was shot in 5 days, with only 9 cast & crew members and 10k, 2k went to the location house and 2k went into a refurbished Macbook Pro w/FCPX.

We had one shot of each scene set up, so when editing, what I offer you, is the best of what I had to work with, that said, I think we did an incredible job!

I hope you enjoy!

Starring: Gary Austin; Introducing Danvir Singh; with Keith Merritt, and Wendi Morrison. Also: Michael Lee Springer as John Muir, Tim Piper as the voice of John Lennon, and Dr. Guy McPherson. as the voice of Green Man.

Contains brief profanity.

Music from Neptune's daughter and Black Kaweah.

Movie Trailer