Long Synopsis

“Sometimes you have to lose your mind to find yourself” …

 After three months of recording, songwriter Bree decides to take a road trip to envision the mix of her songs.  A mysterious triangle on a random map, suggests a destination. Two friends will tag along. Jeff, a head in the clouds writer, and Wyatt, a self absorbed Hollywood type. Thus begins the music driven shamanic journey called… This is not dying.

A chance encounter with a doctor; the trio come to his aid by giving him a ride home when his truck won’t start. It turns out the Dr. is a psychotherapist/shaman, using psilocybin mushrooms to facilitate his radical therapy.  Soon, the three friends have decided to follow the white rabbit. One road; three trips.

 Wyatt’s trip soon becomes a nightmare. All his wealth and power, cannot save him from the loss of his illusion of control.  Can he escape the monsters which lurk in the darkness of his subconscious? Once the blockages of his fear, and egotism begin to dissolve, Wyatt communicates with older, wiser portions of himself, from a time when he still knew how to be happy.

 Bree’s journey is a more tranquil experience. Basking in the sunlight of nature, she enjoys joyful communion with animals and nature spirits. Having long been on a shamanic quest through art, Bree’s adventure moves beyond personal issues of ego and mind, into dealing with the world by effecting change through inner growth.

 Jeff takes refuge from his overactive imagination. Searching for the meaning of life amongst the endless details of his family diaries, he becomes overwhelmed. Jeff’s desire to save the world through environmentalism brings several characters to life, in an astral traveling journey to the giant Sequoias, and beyond.

                                                 They are saving the world, one soul at a time.

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