Writer/Producer/Director: Dan Truly:

 “I feel like after 30 years in LA, I've finally done acid!

Really terrific film, the whole thing is funny, mesmerizing, and kind of touching when morning rolls around.  I especially liked the direction and editing.”


 Director/Screenwriter Patricia Verducci:

 "Ever wanted to take psilocybin mushrooms but were too afraid? Just watch THIS IS NOT DYING! Experimental filmmaker Wendi Morrison puts us inside the heads of three trippers in a single night, and through brilliant animation, music, and collage-like storytelling, makes it a night to remember.

What a wonderful, unique, totally creative movie!

I loved the images of "Bree" dancing in the forest in that long black coat, the baby goats sliding off the rock, the tiny details in the farmer's diary, and the INCREDIBLE hand drawn animation in the "my final death" story.

I also thought the animation that was projected onto the wood of the door was beautiful. Loved the meditative scene with Big Foot staring at the waterfall and I was especially touched by the story that played against footage from Bree's childhood.

The best thing of all though was the film's message-- of love and care for the planet!"


Screenwriter Ryan Rowe:

"There was a lot coming at me, which is a good thing. I loved the look and feel of it, all along, especially once the "trip" got going. Beautiful cinematography, great VFX, and the "feel" of the whole thing was beautiful and powerful. Nice.

Loved the therapist character, and his story. Loved little "Bree" and her whole story. Really moving. Loved the animation sequences.

Great stuff there. I mostly love that you are delivering truths to us, pushing and not flinching. The images and passages from the film really do stick with me. Last, you can never ever have too many baby goats."