Director's Statement

As a filmmaker, my cinematic palate is as complex as I am. As a child, I was drawn to Science Fiction (Outer Limits & The Twilight Zone) and vampires: Dark Shadows; in my teens it was movies that were visually evocative, and made me think.

My favorite storytellers are not literal. Filmmakers such as David Lynch and Terry Gilliam were huge inspirations. Lynch offers multi-dimensionalism, while the films of Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Lars Von Trier, and Guillermo Del Toro, play with light and dark landscapes. I deeply appreciate the way Cameron Crowe and Martin Scorsese are able to bring such compassion and nostalgia to their work; plus, the way they dip into the eccentric well. The Merchant-Ivory films are all incredible ensembles, set in romantic and organic beauty! Tarantino brings that glimpse of raw synergy with dark humor, and Baz Luhrmann always delivers the magic of musical theater pieces, rich in poetic textures.

Old School: With MTV’s 120 min show, inconveniently on from midnight to two am; I was invited into a world where music and art were infused into alter-worlds of beauty; where visual artists such as Matt Mahurn and Anton Corbijn transcended ether. This could not be found anywhere else in mainstream.

Quirky characters are essential to me; Wes Andersen and the Cohen Brothers are magicians at creating interestingly weird characters that tend to mirror reality more than we realize. With art, we are able to align to a higher essence within.  The Wacowski’s offer the gift of transmutation, a phoenix, rising from the ashes. Their films are what the 5th dimensional reality, and a shamanic awakening, are all about. Coming up through punk rock, I discovered rules were meant to be broken. As an Indigo starseed, I know inherently, my purpose is to push through duality, to anchor multi-dimensionality. I hope that in some small way, I have been able to share some of that vision, most important, I hope that the viewer is able to laugh, think, and find some inspiration.

Wendi Morrison, Director