Film Specs: Running Time: 1:39

Genre: Experimental

Format: 4K/HD/HDV

Aspect Ratio: 1.85  Stereo

Cameras-Sony Alpha a7SII; Sony HD1080i, Canon Vixia mini & HF R400

Written & Directed by Morrison-Merritt

                                                                               ~We made this~

Starring Groundlings founder Gary Austin

Introducing Danvir Singh

Keith Merritt

Wendi Morrison

Michael Lee Springer

Michael Jost

Cinematography by Alberto De Coste Calla

Voices by: Dr. Guy McPherson, Tim Piper, Monica Hankins

Painting by Denise Monaghan

Music by Neptune's daughter, Black Kaweah, AfriZEN

Executive Producers: Brent Bolthouse

                                      Jon Morrison

Produced by Wendi Morrison & Jennie Cruz; with Patrick Kerwin

Sound: Drew O'Donnell

Edited by Wendi Morrison

Puppets by Keith Merritt

Animation by: Italian artist Michele Botticelli’s “Lovecraft’s Dream”; “Trip” by vjsuave; Ygor Marotta & Ceci Soloaga are audio visual projection artists from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Animation: Juli Perez, Dante Zaballa, vjsuave; Character Design: Ygor Marotta; Photography: vjsuave

Music by Neptune's daughter, Black Kaweah, AfriZEN

Animal Actors: Pixie's Place Animal Sanctuary 501.3c